5 Habits that change my life completely, see what are they — productivity side

Habits are more things which we do more frequently.

Some of the habits make us more productive to accomplish something in a little amount of time and some of the habits are not.

identifying the good habit for you is up to your behavior or your choice, if you do not define yourself you can get ask some questions to yourself,

  • Is that make any benefits or improve my life?
  • What happens when I make that habit?
  • what are the good and bad consequences?


Here I will share 5 habits you should get,

  1. Learn to manage time
  2. reading
  3. learn to say “NO”
  4. Take breaks
  5. Spend time on learning

1. Learn to manage your time

we always forget about our time, how precious it is? Learning about your time is important and the more important thing is applying that time in the right way.

Some of the time management strategies will help you to learn about your time like,

Pareto principle or 80/20 rule

Parkinson’s law

Eat that frog

time blocking


Promodoro technique

Eisenhower matrix

I share about complete 29 time management strategies and also make videos about them on youtube.

2. Reading

if you ask a person, whether you watch a movie or read a book?

I know the answer will be biased towards movies.

we always want the visual representation of something and our mind also catches that fast.

When you read a book it’s hard the imagine through an author’s perspective, but when you got that feeling, then you start loving the book.

you should read slowly and steadily to become a good reader.

3. Learn to say “NO”

We always taught to say “yes” to everything a that a bad thing — not always.

Lets you work on something and your friend call you to go outside, there you have to option,

  • Yes to the friend, leave the work and go outside.
  • No to friend, finish the work, then go or don’t go outside.

you have to decide yourself for to become a good man.

4. Take breaks

We saw people work for hours and skip their brake to finish the work.

but that makes your work delay and you unproductive.

Taking breaks helps your mind to refuel and you feel energized when you again start your work.

This way you don’t affect your mental health and make yourself more productive.

just try once…

5. Spend time on learning

When someone got a job then he started earning and finishing their learning.

that why they stay their life long.

but you don’t do that mistake!

Learning more about your work or learning new skills make you more capable of handling things.

your learning may increase your income and your designation also.

So, always be a learner first!

Thank you for reading.

P.S. You can see 7 more habits to improve yourself.

i am sharing my personal experience! productivityside.com