Satya Nadella on Misson and Culture of Microsoft

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The best advice Satya Nadella got from steve Ballmer ( Former CEO of Microsoft) was “be yourself”.

Satya Nadella is now chairman and CEO of Microsoft and when he first joined as CEO as he saying “full reset”. He wants to make culture first class.

Ried Huffman naming him as “refounder”.

“Company don't only need founder it also needs refounders”

As a company grows the mission and culture need to be constant. Organizations may be sluggish until you reset like you reset tab and got clear results.

When Steve Ballmer gave Satya Nadella to run bing,

One day, Steve comes to me and says, “You know what? I’ve got an assignment for you. I think you should go run Bing.”

At that time, it was not even called Bing. It was called Live Search or what have you. We had had a lot of attrition. Obviously, Google was the behemoth even back in that time.I had to make a decision. So, I went to the parking lot. I drove past the building. It was 8:00 or so in the night. At that point, the reputation of the team, the attrition, all of that was a bit of a challenge, but I saw people were working late in the night. I said, “What the heck are these people doing here?” So, I remember parking, walking around. I just saw all of these folks who were super committed. I said, “God, I got to join this party.”

At that time bing was a loss-making division of Microsoft.

When he entered as CEO he thought “It needs a full reset. he felt that the reset meant he needed to make both that sense of purpose, mission, and culture first class and his own.”

Everything needs to be reset as the leader changes. like In real life, America had gotten a new president, Donald Trump then got joe Biden.

This article is curated from the masters of scale podcast with Reid Huffman in conversation with Satya Nadella. You can listen to the podcast on Spotify by clicking here.



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