TB Interview: Tools and Strategy of Darshali Soni — Author and Business Analyst

Access the mind of Darshali Soni — Author and Business Analyst

Welcome to “The Backlog“ — Interview Edition, Where we ask people about the sources of their wisdom on the internet like books, people, ideas, tools, and many more.

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Darshali Soni pic from his LinkedIn

Darshali Soni (Author and Business Analyst)

Darshali Soni is India based author of more than 44 books. Her best-selling series is the “Let’s learn” Series at the age of 22. Where she has written more than 18 books on different subjects like — Management, Creativity, Digital Marketing, Mindpower, Decision making, Time management, Marketing, Getting rich, and many more.

1- Tell Us About Yourself; what do you do?

Explore darshalisoni.com to know more.

Soubhagya: Visit her website to know more about her.

2- What is the “Productivity talk with Darshali” substack all about?

Productivity and practical tips to make life better

3- Any website you visit to gain knowledge?

No — reading on multiple platforms nothing specific.

4- How do you manage your day?

I plan my day based on the priorities of tasks that need to be done on the same day — Also I block my calendar to make sure no disturbance is there when I am working on a particular task.

5- What are the tools you use to get productive?

Google keep only

6- What are the tools you use in writing?

No tools except Grammarly :)

7- Any writer you Follow or are inspired by?

Currently Tim Denning

Soubhagya: Tim also has a substack you can check out here.

8- What advice will you give to fellow writers?

Keep writing — don’t get trapped in self-doubt.

9- What are the podcasts you love to listen to?

Currently listening to none.

10- Any product that has made your life easier?

Google :)

11- Are there any specific people you mostly get your wisdom from?

I follow topics rather than specific people — it changes over time.

12- Which books helped you a lot if you read any?

Recently I translated Creative Visualization — by Shakti Gwain — Must read.

13- Any other things you want to recommend or share with us?

Read a lot, share a lot.

14- Where can people connect with you?

On all social platforms — same name — Darshali Soni and you will find me :)

My Take

Darshali is authored a lot of books in her regional language (Gujarati) and you can find her work on her website. and you can follow her work on different platforms.

She also has a substack “Productivity talk with Darshali“, Where she shares practical productivity tips.

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